Welcome to Dip18

In a  rapidly developing world with soaring technological capabilities and incredibly interlaced  systems of communication and exchange,
diploma 18 positions itself at the micro scale. In an off grid territory focused on responding to environmental predicaments in isolation from large scale commercial solutions.
While UN protocols and national guidelines tackle policies and large infrastructures, the domestic inhabitant remains unfazed. The diploma 18 Tribe will investigate and encourage sustainable living and a holistic analysis of the domestic inhabitant’s environmental impact of our HOMES.
As we anticipate the inevitable arrival of the technological singularity, Diploma 18 will redefine conventional architectural components as well as the traditional conception of the HOME.  A home that is OFF-GRID, self sufficient in every sense of the word, we look at light, air, water, seeds, particles, wave spectra and data as building elements.
Join us this year in our pursuit to respond to various issues and reinterpret the meaning of HOME. Any comments and contributions will be valued.

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