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This year DIP 18 Field Trip is going to hit ground in New York, Watermill and Arizona. Follow us for an amazing adventure towards an off-grid singularity living.

Three Best Places informed by some of the worlds most creative and inspiring inventors : Buckminster Fuller, Frank Lloyd Wright, Paolo Soleri, Jackson Pollock, Robert Wilson and more to discover. Diploma 18 will explore off-grid living in the context of the dense New York skyline and the remote deserts of Phoenix,Arizona. We will document and interrogate the case studies of Buckminster Fuller Institute Рon a deep exploration into the personal archive of Bucky Fuller work, Watermill Center by Robert Wilson Рas a Perfomance Laboratory, the action painting in Jackson РKrasner Studio garden, desert living conditions at Taliesin West School of Architecture in the shelters, Arcosanti and Cosanti Рoff-grid communities living. We will keep posting while we on the route.

maps produced by our tribal surveyor Ruth Gattegno-Jacobs.


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