Tribal Identity


Being in a Tribe already starts to form and show our personalities, our implication, to create connection, meaning and change.

The current tribal map is created by our social energy artist Neeha Ghandi to prove the spirit and the start an off-grid movement. The identity map has the its inspiration ground on our Unit Tribe Master Enric’s tribe map. tribe map

Tribe Vision of our exhibition space


We are currently researching into the best ways to archive and display our work, our interest, our visions, our passions, our thoughts, our ideas ….. towards the transformation of the House into Home, and the setting off from the AA formal studio spaces towards the Off-grid singularity community.

The collages are a new form of expression set by our tribal display artist Peng Qin. Now the space can be seen as a 2D collage, but taken further it can be opened into the 3D world.

Best Places

nyc nycwatermillarizona

This year DIP 18 Field Trip is going to hit ground in New York, Watermill and Arizona. Follow us for an amazing adventure towards an off-grid singularity living.

Three Best Places informed by some of the worlds most creative and inspiring inventors : Buckminster Fuller, Frank Lloyd Wright, Paolo Soleri, Jackson Pollock, Robert Wilson and more to discover. Diploma 18 will explore off-grid living in the context of the dense New York skyline and the remote deserts of Phoenix,Arizona. We will document and interrogate the case studies of Buckminster Fuller Institute – on a deep exploration into the personal archive of Bucky Fuller work, Watermill Center by Robert Wilson – as a Perfomance Laboratory, the action painting in Jackson – Krasner Studio garden, desert living conditions at Taliesin West School of Architecture in the shelters, Arcosanti and Cosanti – off-grid communities living. We will keep posting while we on the route.

maps produced by our tribal surveyor Ruth Gattegno-Jacobs.